I’m glad you found me – although I am not really lost. (At this moment, anyway) From time to time, however, I do lose myself and from time to time my things get broken – like the vase above. (which I broke and bandaged on purpose to have an image to go with the title of this web site.) 

Losing or breaking things (like a mind or a heart) can’t be fixed easily. Two days after I was 30 years old, I literally lost my mind. My doctor diagnosed me as psychotic and locked me up. My family said I was having a breakdown. But my friend said, “Nancy, you’re have a break-through!” She was right. Of course, the break wasn’t funny at the time, but now as I tell the stories about it, I laugh. And, 40 years later, I’m in a second marriage, a great-grandmother, and a retired United Methodist pastor. See? Pretty funny!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to tell stories of stuff that happens that isn’t funny at the time, but is hilarious later. (Like the time my former spouse and I got all four kids ready for church on time and I stepped out of the car with the baby and my high heel broke in half and baby vomited on my new coat.)

I also invite you to share “funny later” incidents as well.