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WAM-Front-681x1024“Let’s just trade mothers for a while.”

The suggestion sparks some much-needed laughter among the group of unrelated women, as they share their frustrations about the topic that has brought them all together.

Their common factor? Trudy, Lauran, Judith, and Nancy are each facing the profound and often complicated issues of caring for their ailing mothers during their final years.

Together, these four daughters ponder a wide range of topics, including sibling relationships, spiritual concerns, and the even more embarrassing aspects of caretaking.

The result is a candid collection of reflections and personal essays—sometimes poignant, often humorous, but always raw and honest.

So if you find yourself facing the ups and downs of caring for an elderly parent, know that you’re not alone. Let the four authors of this collective memoir be your comfort and your companions on this life-changing journey—one that caretakers everywhere are sure to find relatable.


nancy book 1Anyone growing up in the 1940s and 50s was conditioned to interpret the phrase “”God is like a Father”” almost solely as “”God is a Father!”” Today we are living in a time in which the metaphors for God are expanding.

This collection of sermons, preached over a ten-year period, reveals God’s self-giving love through the metaphor of a Wise Old Woman.

For at least 25,000 years humanity worshiped feminine images of the divine. Then it all changed, and for the past 6,000 to 8,000 years virtually all mainstream religions have conceived of the divine primarily in masculine terms. We now find ourselves at another transformational time in history regarding our understanding of the divine. It is a time in which we are becoming increasingly aware that no one image, and certainly no one gender, can adequately convey the totality of the ultimate divine mystery of the universe.


Praise for The Word From The Wise Old Woman:

Nancy Bauer-King, in this wonderful collection of sermons, has made an important contribution to this crucial religious task … I celebrate our time in history when stronger voices from people like Nancy Bauer-King are now being heard so that we might learn in fresh ways the breadth and depth and rich diversity of God’s word. 

L. Robert Keck, author of Sacred Eyes

This is a terrific book! WOW! You may be the Garrison Keillor of the Wisconsin pastorate. This will be an insightful book for all the women and men in the churches across the country who struggle for inspiration to write their Sunday sermons, and also for many in congregations who listen to them and seek a meaningful word for their own lives.
Rosemary Ruether
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary