Fish Story

Okay…I’m driving north on Hwy 32 and stop for the red light on Puetz. The word “monkfish” swims through my mind. Monkfish? Monkfish? Is there such a thing? The next night, – a Friday – my husband, Charlie, and I decide to go to Lake Park Bistro. We have a coupon. On our way – Hwy 32 – I remember “monkfish” and tell Charlie the story. He says, “Well, it’s Friday. Maybe the restaurant will be serving it.” Ha. I think. And, am relieved when I look at the menu. No monkfish.

Then the waiter arrives and says the special for the evening. “Monkfish.”

Funny now. (Maybe) But freaky then.

Synchronicity, says my friend, Cari. What do you think?


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